Sunday, August 2, 2015

Embroidered Pictures; Lone Tree

What to do on a cold, wet, windy and miserable Sunday...?

Step 1 
Get the outside jobs done quickly...
Step 2 
Light the fire...

Step 3
Settle inside..

Pick up needle and summer sky blue silk...

The sky is growing...

One strand at a time - long, long split stitches... 

It is taking shape. 

Happy Sunday,
Anna X

Thursday, July 30, 2015

All New

I have no idea where time it going at the moment...
 It seems like I am doing something all the time, but never really getting anywhere - I am sure you know the feeling. When I feel like that, I try to look back at what I have achieved rather than focus on what is yet to be done.

The New Website of course is one major thing - and I can now add 'web designer' to my many hats... well hardly but it was fun to put together.

"Apple Glory" Goldwork kit by Anna Scott

A New Kit in the shop has also been ticked off my to-do list. It is a small goldwork piece called "Apple Glory". It is acutally a re-worked version of a project I did some years ago "Golden Pomegranate" but after adding a few changes I thought it looked more like an apple.

"Apple Glory" Goldwork kit by Anna Scott

I have designed it specifically as an introduction to goldwork using only four main and rather simple goldwork techniques: Brick couching, Chipping, Attaching kid leather and twisted cord. As always, the instructions are rather detailed (one customer described them as 'a class in a book' yeah!) so if you have never tried goldwork this is an ideal project to give it a go. 
If you are in Adelaide, I will be teaching the project at Create in Stitch on Saturday 15 & 29 of August, 9.30am to 12.30pm and there are still free spots. Contact the shop to book.

Another thing I have been thinking about doing for a long time is having some of my pieces made into greeting cards. This is a new little adventure for me and it was a little nerve-wrecking and really exciting to receive the first three. The first three I chose to do is "Over the Hills", "Dawn Chorus" and "What a Bunch". 

So it would seem I am getting some things done (even if they don't necessarily involve needle and thread). To celebrate my minor achievements, I have decided to have a little SALE in the shop.
Until Next Sunday (August 9) I am offering 10% off all orders over $25. All you need to do is to use the coupon code ALLNEW at the check-out. 

And now... Now I am actually going to stitch for a bit (well after a trip to the post office). 
Best stitches,

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Embroidered pictures; Lone Tree

It doesn't feel like I have had much time to stitch lately, but when I looked back it turns out I have made a bit of progress on Lone Tree.

The sand dunes are growing and I am having a great time playing with stitches and textures.

Most are really simple stitches; chain stitch, running stitch, stem stitch and couching.

This dune was really rewarding to stitch; two strands of Danish flower thread (a soft cotton similar to floche but matte) couched down in a pattern with a single strand of silk. 
I have decided that couching as a stitch is very under rated...

Even a bit of sky has begun to appear. There is a long way to go, but it is taking shape...

Happy Stitching,
Anna x