Wednesday, December 6, 2017

New bag

I tend to pop most of my work in frames. Partly because it is quick and easy, but also because it protects the embroidery when I drag it around for classes.

After finding this fabric in my stash the other day  dusted off the sewing machine yesterday and turned 'Apple Thief' into a new bag.

It is not perfect (the corners around the base are not sitting nicely) but it was late and I was too lazy to redo it.
I have made the straps long enough to use as a shoulder bag. The Embroidery is backed and forms a pocket on the front and I have made three smaller pockets inside.

I will get the pattern written up and on the website as quick as I can.
Hope you are having a happy Wednesday.

Best stitches,

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Finishing touches

I confess to being really, really terrible at finishing things...
As soon as the embroidery part of a project is finished I kind of loose interest and move onto the next thing - but today, I managed to work on the finishing touches of not just one, but three projects.

I FINISHED framing my Lyrebird.

Photographing through glass is not easy, but at least it gives you an idea what it looks like. I went to lace the piece up on Monday and it initially ended in, well not quite disaster, but in a bit of a heap. I had got the back board and padding ready a while back, but never got around to actually lace the piece. When I picked it up on Monday I didn't think to check that the size was right and just went right ahead to lace it up.
Attempt no. 1: when I went to put it in the frame and it was too big... So I undid it and laced it again. Attempt no. 2:  I had forgotten the flower spray at the top was much larger than the original piece, meaning the centre of the design had moved.... so I did it again and finally got it right.
Note to self: measure and check twice - lace once. LOL

I FINISHED the instruction booklet for my new little crewel work kit 'Apple Thief'.

The files went to the printer yesterday and I am dropping the fabric squares to my fabric printer tomorrow. Hopefully both will be ready by the end of the week.

The yarns have already arrived so I plan to get them sorted and ready while I wait for the printers.
I have placed the kits in the shop ready for you to order, and as soon as I have it all togehter.

I was just about to stick this one in a frame also - mostly because I couldn't think of what to do with it. It is a funny little size and off centre because I originally only intended to stitch the goat as a sample. Then I remembered I had this piece of burned red cotton - the perfect colour to match the apples, don't you think? I now have an idea for a super little (work) bag...  Stay tuned..

I FINISHED stitching my other little crewel work panel 'Rose Hips'.

I had the main flower still to do, but it didn't take that long and I am really pleased with how it turned out. I planning to use this one for 'Introduction to crewel embroidery workshops' so I have kept the number of different stitches fairly limited and uncomplicated in this piece and it has come together really neatly.

It went straight onto my cork board for blocking...

I can ponder what to do with it while it dries.

I also FINISHED tidying and cleaning my work room.... no photos though, by then it was too dark. Besides it is not very exciting, but very, very nice with a clean work surface, ready to start something new...
It has been a good Sunday!

I hope you too have had a lovely Sunday.
Best stitches,

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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Sunday Stitches

After taking Tilly to dog training this morning and spending a couple of hours in the garden, my plan was to finish the diagrams for the Apple Thief crewel project, but I really, really, really felt like doing a bit of stitching, so picked up one of my 'Out & About' pieces instead.

I started this one on the drive to Arkaroola about a month ago (let's blame the blurry photo on the gravel road...)
I call them my 'Out & About' because they start life as my 'doodle' stitching when I am away. Usually, I pile a small bit of fabric, small hoop and whatever threads catches my eye in a bag.. usually about 5 min before I head out the door, so there is not a lot of thought going into it LOL.

I hadn't really done much on this little piece (approx 10cm (4") square) since we got back but last week I found this lovely thread. It is a stranded silk from Colour Streams, appropriately called 'Uluru' the indigenous and proper name for Ayers Rock. 

One of the ideas behind these 'Out & About' pieces is only to use threads from my stash (believe me, there is plenty to choose from!) but I simply could not resist this one, the colouring is just perfect and inspired me to pick the little piece back up.

I added just a single little hill, not sure I will use any more for this one... time will tell. I am quite excited now to get back to work on it.

'Out & About, Koh Samui' 
When the main colours are finished, I will be adding a drizzle of gold sparkle, similar to my last little piece (Started on my last trip to Thailand). It won't need much...

'Out & About, Koh Samui' Detail
... just enough to make the colours pop.


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I hope you too are enjoying a lovely, stitchy Sunday afternoon.

Best Stitches,
Anna x